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Congratulations to the 2021 Academic All-State Teams                  Academic All-State Teams

Meet Registration
- All meets must be pre-approved if the results are to be included in the rankings. 
Meet Registration Form

URGENT SAFETY ALERT - Please read immediately
     Cutting Bench Shirt Collars

For 2021, the following guidelines will be in effect for all THSWPA meets:

  1.  Any equipment contacted by the lifter (bar, bench, etc.) will be disinfected between lift attempts.
  2.  Face coverings over the nose and mouth must be worn at all times by judges, spotters/loaders, table workers, support staff and lifters.  Lifters may remove masks during their lift attempts.
  3.  Schools must provide their own back-spotters for all lifts.
  4.  Schools must provide their own chalk.
  5.  Provide hand sanitizing stations at each platform.
  6.  Check temperature at weigh-in.
  7.  Discourage the sharing of lifting attire.
  8.  Follow any additional guidelines from your school district and/or local government entities.
  9.  Invitational meets must have a minimum of 2 teams and a max of 8.  Also a minimum of 14 lifters and a max of 96.
 10. All judges in dual, tri or quad meets must be certified.

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Hosting a meet?

THSWPA is providing a free copy of PowerScore to all member schools.

The new version of PowerScore for the 2022 season will be available mid-December.

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