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Promoting and governing the strongest women's sport in Texas high school athletics
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Live Meets In Progress

DateMeetLocationDivisionRegionLast Update 
3/19/20225A Big School State Championship FinalCorpus ChristiTHSWPA GirlsState3/19/2022 4:27:19 PMView Standings
3/19/20225A Big School State Championship thru BenchCorpus ChristiTHSWPA GirlsState3/19/2022 3:26:10 PMView Standings
3/19/20225A Small School State ChampionshipCorpus ChristiTHSWPA GirlsState3/19/2022 10:52:35 AMView Standings
3/18/20224A Big School State Championship FinalCorpus ChristiTHSWPA GirlsState3/18/2022 4:45:08 PMView Standings
3/18/20224A Small School State Championship FinalCorpus ChristiTHSWPA GirlsState3/18/2022 10:51:40 AMView Standings
3/17/20223A Big School State Championship FinalCOrpus ChristiTHSWPA GirlsState3/17/2022 4:38:44 PMView Standings
3/17/20223A Small School State Championships FinalCorpus ChristiTHSWPA GirlsState3/17/2022 10:49:32 AMView Standings
3/16/20221A2A State Championships FInalCorpus ChristiTHSWPA GirlsState3/16/2022 4:30:15 PMView Standings
3/16/20226A State Championships FinalCorpus ChristiTHSWPA GirlsState3/16/2022 1:05:06 PMView Standings
3/5/20222022 Region 6 Divion 3Chico High SchoolTHSWPA Girls63/5/2022 3:56:32 PMView Standings
3/5/2022Girls Region 1 Division 2Ward County Event CenterTHSWPA Girls13/5/2022 4:15:54 PMView Standings
3/5/2022Region 2 Division 1 6A School ChampionshipsLockhart High SchoolTHSWPA Girls23/5/2022 7:48:17 PMView Standings
3/5/2022Region 2 Division 1 Big School Championship (5AD1)Lockhart High SchoolTHSWPA Girls23/5/2022 3:27:31 PMView Standings
3/5/2022Region 2 Division 1 Small School Championship (5AD2)Lockhart High SchoolTHSWPA Girls23/5/2022 12:22:35 PMView Standings
3/4/2022Girls Region 1 Division 1Ward County Event CenterTHSWPA Girls13/4/2022 3:31:17 PMView Standings
3/4/2022THSWPA Region 2 Division 2 ChampionshipDublin High SchoolTHSWPA Girls23/4/2022 3:32:58 PMView Standings
3/3/2022Girls Region 1 Class 1A-2AShamrock, TXTHSWPA Girls13/4/2022 7:41:19 PMView Standings
3/3/2022Girls Region 1 Class 3ALShamrock, TXTHSWPA Girls13/5/2022 7:09:02 PMView Standings
3/3/2022Girls Region 1 Class 3ASShamrock, TXTHSWPA Girls13/5/2022 1:23:32 PMView Standings
3/3/2022Regional Championships Region 6 5A Large SchoolAzle High SchoolTHSWPA Girls63/3/2022 10:07:14 PMView Standings
3/3/2022Regional Championships Region 6 5A Small SchoolProsper High SchoolTHSWPA Girls63/3/2022 12:57:56 PMView Standings
3/3/2022Regionial Championships Region 6 6AProsper High SchoolTHSWPA Girls63/3/2022 5:40:20 PMView Standings
3/3/2022THSWPA Region 2 Division 3 ChampionshipDublin High SchoolTHSWPA Girls23/3/2022 5:29:56 PMView Standings
3/2/2022Region 6 4A Large School (through Squat)GHS IndoorTHSWPA Girls63/2/2022 2:48:16 PMView Standings
3/2/2022Region 6 4A Small School ChampionshipsGHS IndoorTHSWPA Girls63/2/2022 11:13:14 AMView Standings
3/2/2022Region 6 4A Small School Championships (throught Bench)GHS IndoorTHSWPA Girls63/2/2022 11:57:17 AMView Standings
3/2/2022Region 6 4A Small School Championships Final ResultsGHS IndoorTHSWPA Girls63/2/2022 1:28:12 PMView Standings
3/2/2022Region V Division I MeetBert Ogden ArenaTHSWPA Girls53/2/2022 8:44:00 PMView Standings
3/2/2022The Dirty South Regional InvitationBert Ogden ArenaTHSWPA Girls53/2/2022 9:09:17 PMView Standings
3/1/2022Division 2 Regional MeetBert Ogden ArenaTHSWPA Girls53/1/2022 5:39:59 PMView Standings
2/28/2022Divsion 3 Regional MeetBert Ogden ArenaTHSWPA Girls53/1/2022 5:36:16 PMView Standings
2/26/2022Region 3 D2 Regional MeetBulldog Gym - Rice, TXTHSWPA Girls32/26/2022 5:26:51 PMView Standings
2/24/2022Roosevelt PowerliftingRoosevelt ArenaTHSWPA Girls12/25/2022 12:06:08 PMView Standings
2/19/202227th Annual Del Valle InvitationalDel Valle High SchoolTHSWPA Girls22/19/2022 5:30:16 PMView Standings
2/19/2022Aubrey Lady ChapsAubrey High SchoolTHSWPA Girls62/19/2022 11:45:43 AMView Standings
2/19/2022Brush Country Classic 3San DiegoTHSWPA Girls52/19/2022 1:26:04 PMView Standings
2/19/2022Garrison InvitationalGarrison High SchoolTHSWPA Girls32/19/2022 1:55:07 PMView Standings
2/19/2022Granbury District ChampionshipsGranbury High SchoolTHSWPA Girls62/19/2022 1:32:33 PMView Standings
2/19/2022Greenwood Ranger InvitationalGreenwood High SchoolTHSWPA Girls12/19/2022 3:04:07 PMView Standings
2/19/2022Harlingen South Slayiing WeightsHalingen South High SchoolTHSWPA Girls52/19/2022 2:41:33 PMView Standings
2/19/2022ORANGE GROVE L.G.Q.ORANGE GROVETHSWPA Girls52/19/2022 11:44:55 AMView Standings
2/19/2022Victoria East's Clash with the Titans (GLQ)Victoria East High SchoolTHSWPA Girls52/19/2022 1:57:37 PMView Standings
2/19/2022West HS InvitationalWest HSTHSWPA Girls22/19/2022 5:21:01 PMView Standings
2/19/2022West Oso CO ED InvitationalWest Oso JH GymTHSWPA Girls52/19/2022 2:39:31 PMView Standings
2/18/2022Bishop Coed MeetBishop HSTHSWPA Girls52/18/2022 2:53:08 PMView Standings
2/18/2022Dan Smith InvitationalLFUTHSWPA Girls52/18/2022 8:12:58 PMView Standings
2/18/2022ECISD GIRLS LCQBarrientes MSTHSWPA Girls52/18/2022 10:26:34 PMView Standings
2/18/2022Friona Powerlifting ChampionshipsFriona High SchoolTHSWPA Girls12/19/2022 3:24:58 PMView Standings
2/18/2022Palmview High School Last Girls QualifierPalmview High SchoolTHSWPA Girls52/18/2022 4:10:10 PMView Standings
2/17/2022Borger QuadBorger Field HouseTHSWPA Girls12/18/2022 1:59:36 PMView Standings
2/17/2022Lake View InvitationalSan Angelo Lincoln Middle SchoolTHSWPA Girls12/17/2022 9:15:55 PMView Standings
2/17/2022Plains Girls Last QualifierPlains, TXTHSWPA Girls12/17/2022 6:57:36 PMView Standings
2/17/2022Plainview Quad 5 GirlsPlainview, TXTHSWPA Girls12/19/2022 10:24:14 AMView Standings
2/17/2022Roscoe Powerlifting MeetRoscoe High SchoolTHSWPA Girls22/17/2022 9:20:38 PMView Standings
2/17/2022Seagraves Powerlifting InvitationalSeagraves, TXTHSWPA Girls12/17/2022 10:32:59 PMView Standings
2/17/2022Valley View Invitational District MeetValley View HS, Valley View TXTHSWPA Girls52/17/2022 6:37:55 PMView Standings
2/17/2022Wink Girls QualifierWink HSTHSWPA Girls12/17/2022 9:21:18 PMView Standings
2/16/2022Dayton 2022Dayton ISDTHSWPA Girls42/16/2022 1:52:29 PMView Standings
2/15/2022Dayton Quad MeetDayton High SchoolTHSWPA Girls42/16/2022 8:55:38 PMView Standings
2/12/20221st Annual Agua Dulce InvitationalAgua Dulce HSTHSWPA Girls52/12/2022 3:49:54 PMView Standings
2/12/20222022 Trojan Invitational MeetAC Jones High School, BeevilleTHSWPA Girls52/12/2022 3:26:50 PMView Standings
2/12/2022Fort Stockton Power ClassicFort Stockton High SchoolTHSWPA Girls12/12/2022 7:09:20 PMView Standings
2/12/2022Hillsboro InvitationalHillsboro High SchoolTHSWPA Girls22/12/2022 3:51:59 PMView Standings
2/12/2022Iron Warrior ClassicHoney Grove ISDGirls Division32/12/2022 12:54:55 PMView Standings
2/12/2022Lehman Lobos InvitationalLehman High SchoolTHSWPA Girls22/12/2022 3:50:05 PMView Standings
2/12/2022Levelland Powerlifting MeetLevelland High SchoolTHSWPA Girls12/12/2022 5:59:41 PMView Standings
2/12/2022Meridian Powerlifting InvitationalMeridian High SchoolTHSWPA Girls22/12/2022 5:00:49 PMView Standings
2/12/2022Perryton QuadRangerrette GymTHSWPA Girls12/12/2022 12:11:43 PMView Standings
2/12/2022Rio Hondo InvitationalRio Hondo HSTHSWPA Girls52/12/2022 2:40:13 PMView Standings
2/12/2022Smithville InvitationalSmithville High SchoolTHSWPA Girls22/12/2022 5:52:02 PMView Standings
2/12/2022Wildcat Invitational #2Carrizo SpringsTHSWPA Girls52/12/2022 11:35:53 AMView Standings
2/11/2022Charger Classic 2Central Athletic Building (CAB)THSWPA Girls52/11/2022 5:58:51 PMView Standings
2/11/2022Edcouch Elsa Invitational2Robert Capello GymTHSWPA Girls52/14/2022 10:15:01 AMView Standings
2/11/2022Wills Point Lady Tiger InvitationlWills Point HSTHSWPA Girls32/14/2022 6:54:41 AMView Standings
2/10/2022Arlon Barnes ClassicSweetwaterTHSWPA Girls12/10/2022 9:21:55 PMView Standings
2/10/2022Brahma Stong Powerlifting Meet #2HM King High School Old GymTHSWPA Girls52/10/2022 12:43:38 PMView Standings
2/10/2022Brahma Stong Powerlifting Meet 2HM King High School Old GymTHSWPA Girls52/10/2022 5:21:43 PMView Standings
2/10/2022Bulldog InvitationalMagnolia High SchoolTHSWPA Girls42/10/2022 5:58:10 PMView Standings
2/10/2022Darrell Piske MemorialFairfieldTHSWPA Girls32/10/2022 1:14:59 PMView Standings
2/10/2022District 31-6A MeetPSJA North High SchoolTHSWPA Girls52/10/2022 6:32:24 PMView Standings
2/10/2022Garrison Tri Meet 2.0Garrison High SchoolTHSWPA Girls32/22/2022 7:17:31 AMView Standings
2/10/2022Lady Braves InvitationalCommunity HSTHSWPA Girls62/10/2022 8:22:28 PMView Standings
2/10/2022Porter Cowboys 3BISD Wellness CenterTHSWPA Girls52/10/2022 6:17:47 PMView Standings
2/10/2022Rivera Quad Meet Hanna P.I.S.BCummings SchoolTHSWPA Girls52/10/2022 5:34:58 PMView Standings
2/10/2022Slaton Meet 2022Slaton High SchoolTHSWPA Girls12/10/2022 9:44:11 PMView Standings
2/9/2022Azle Girls MeetAzle High SchoolTHSWPA Girls62/9/2022 8:12:00 PMView Standings
2/9/2022H.O.T. Powerlifting ChampionshipBrady High SchoolTHSWPA Girls22/10/2022 11:17:38 PMView Standings
2/9/2022Kennedale Tri Meet 2Kennedale High SchoolTHSWPA Girls62/9/2022 8:04:14 PMView Standings
2/8/20222022 Bowie MeetBowieTHSWPA Girls62/9/2022 9:44:44 AMView Standings
2/5/20222022 OZONA INVITATIONAL`Ozona, TXTHSWPA Girls12/5/2022 11:19:07 AMView Standings
2/5/2022Demon Powerlifting InvitationalDumasTHSWPA Girls12/5/2022 4:08:06 PMView Standings
2/5/2022East View Invitational (Girls)Wagner Middle SchoolTHSWPA Girls22/5/2022 6:09:40 PMView Standings
2/5/2022Mustang InvitationalMcAlllen Memorial High SchoolTHSWPA Girls52/5/2022 4:48:06 PMView Standings
2/5/2022Plainview Quad 4 GirlsPlainview, TXTHSWPA Girls12/5/2022 4:28:40 PMView Standings
2/5/2022Quest 6th AnnualQuest GymTHSWPA Girls52/5/2022 2:39:26 PMView Standings
2/5/2022Tiger InvitationalRockdale High SchoolTHSWPA Girls22/5/2022 6:14:46 AMView Standings
2/4/2022Bishop Co Ed Invitational 4Bishop HSTHSWPA Girls52/4/2022 3:31:19 PMView Standings
2/4/2022Brush Country Classic #2GSan DiegoTHSWPA Girls52/4/2022 7:07:39 PMView Standings
2/4/2022Brush Country Classic 2GSan DiegoTHSWPA Girls52/4/2022 9:15:21 PMView Standings
2/4/2022Eagles Quad MeetBrownsvilleTHSWPA Girls52/4/2022 5:40:38 PMView Standings
2/4/2022Edinburg Economedes MeetEconomedes Weight RoomTHSWPA Girls52/4/2022 7:39:19 PMView Standings
2/3/2022Porter Cowboys 2BISD Wellness CenterTHSWPA Girls52/3/2022 6:21:22 PMView Standings
2/3/2022Southmost Strong Inv. Meet 3Cummings GymnasiumTHSWPA Girls52/3/2022 7:16:04 PMView Standings
2/3/2022West Brook InvitationalWest Brook High SchoolTHSWPA Girls42/3/2022 8:16:31 PMView Standings
2/2/2022Brazos InvitationalBrazos High SchoolTHSWPA Girls42/2/2022 8:18:52 PMView Standings
2/2/2022Donna North Spearhead Quad MeetDonna North HSTHSWPA Girls52/4/2022 12:12:52 PMView Standings
2/1/2021WHS PowerLifting Invitational Feb 1 2021Weimar HSTHSWPA Girls52/22/2022 6:32:47 PMView Standings