THSWPA Academic All-State Team
  • The athlete must be currently competing in powerlifting.
  • The athlete must be a senior.
  • The athlete must have a GPA of 92 or above (this includes grades 9-11 plus the first semester of the senior year).
  • The athlete must be of good moral character and have represented his school in a manner that is worthy of this honor.
  • The school must be a member in good standing with the THSWPA.
Nominations for the THSWPA Academic All-State team must be submitted by midnight on March 1, 2024.  Only the head powerlifting coach may nominate athletes.  Nominations can be submitted for as many athletes as desired.  Nominating an athlete does not guarantee a place on an All-State team, as all factors will be considered when finalizing the selections.
The THSWPA All-State team will be broken down into 3 select teams.  GPA must be on a 100 point scale and can be above 100.
  • Elite Team - GPA of 98 and above
  • 1st Team - GPA from 95-97.99
  • 2nd Team - GPA from 92-94.99
Nomination Form

Athlete Name Coach's Name
School Name Coach's Email
Classification School Phone
GPA (0-100+) Class Ranking Principal's Name
THSWPA Region Principal's Email
THSWPA Division Counselor's Name
  Counselor's Email

For help with this form call 806-891-3313